HOMINGS-associated papers. Eleven manuscripts using HOMINGS have been recently published. Newest review by Krishnan et al 2016 discusses overview and utility of HOMINGS.


New pricing. Effective as of July 1, 2016, there has been an increase in pricing.


IADR/AADR Meetings. In March 2017, there will be 7 abstracts that utilized HOMINGS. Please visit the Forsyth/HOMINGS exhibitor booth. In addition, there will be a lunch & learning session headed by Dr. Paster. At the AADR meeting in Los Angeles in March 2016, there were 5 abstracts that utilized HOMINGS. In 2015, there were 8 abstracts presented that utilized HOMINGS.


New features. Output includes a summary sheet indicating for each sample and the % frequencies of species-level taxa, of genus-level identification of those taxa not identified at the species level, and of unmatched taxa. Typically, 85% of the taxa are identified--65% at the species level and of the remaining sequences, 20% at the genus level.


Charts as stacked bar graphs are also provided for the top 20 taxa in each project. Roll-over identity is indicated for each probe target.


Bacterial targets. Species-level and genus-level targets are now available.