This facility is staffed by 2 full-time and 3 part-time technicians who handle internal and external sequencing needs. At present, we have 2 MiSeq (Illumina) bench top sequencers that can each generate up to 15 Gb of output with 25 M sequencing reads and 2 X 250 bp read lengths. Employing the sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry, the MiSeq has the highest accuracy per base, compared to other benchtop sequencers. In addition, a NextSeq 500 (Illumina) has been added to the facility, which has >10 times the capacity of the MiSeq. At present, 16S rDNA profiling is not feasible on the NextSeq 500, but the instrument will eventually have the capacity to process at least 450 samples/run.


The Forsyth Bioinformatics Core has a computational resource with a combination of over 200 CPU cores and 20 terabytes of RAID hard drive space to handle the calculation, management and storage of bioinformatic data.